Whole Pig

A whole pig to fill your freezer:

Cut how you’d like or kept whole for you to test out your butchery skills.

The number of joints and size of the joints is your choice but our standard half a pig usually includes;

  • Shoulder – Cut into joints (around 4)
  • Loin – either jointed or cut into chops
  • Leg – Cut into joints (around 6)
  • Belly – Cut into joints (around 4)
  • Sausages & Bacon – we can use the shoulder and belly / loin to make bacon and sausages if you’d like

Let us know if you’d like any of the offal cuts; kidneys, heart, liver, lungs trotters or head.


The cost of your pig is;

  • £6 / KG for a half pig unbutchered
  • £6.50 / KG for a fully butchered pig

This £ / KG cost is based on the deadweight of the pig which is the weight of the pig following slaughter. The deadweight of the pig is around 75% of the live weight. The average deadweight of our pigs at slaughter is ~60 – 65KG.

The weight can vary between pigs but we can aim for a weight with you.

Please add your whole pig to your order and we’ll get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.




Our pigs live happy lives rooting around in the woods enjoying a natural diet under ancient oak and fruit trees. This free-range lifestyle really helps the flavour of their meat develop.

The rare breeds we keep are slower to grow than commercially farmed pigs. This means our pork has time to develop a delicious depth of taste. The creamy and nutty layer of fat that you’ll find on our pork adds great flavour and keeps the meat moist during cooking.

Find out more about the pigs we keep here.

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