Kidding around at Christmas

Baby boer

All I want for Christmas is 12 baby goats…


This past week has been crazy! With the arrival of 12 new baby Boer goats, we have definitely had our hands full. Pickle, was first to pop with 3 girls and soon after, the rest of the girls had their babies. All mums and babies are now doing well and we feel like we can breath a sigh of relief …and update you all with great pictures of week old Boers!


baby boer goats


Kidding all started pretty suddenly and rather ahead of time… We had planned to bring the girls into the barn a few days before they were due to kid and just before the freezing weather, Pickle beat us to it! She had her triplets in the field shelter just as we had walked up to move everyone into the barn. We got the rest of the girls in, heat lamps on and soon after they popped their babies out one by one. Luckily each on different days which made it a lot easier to pen off mum and babies!


baby boer goats


In total we had 12 kids; 2 sets of triplets and 3 sets of twins. Luckily we’ve only ended up with one that has needed bottle feeding;  she has been semi-rejected, mum won’t always let her feed but is happy for her to hang out with her siblings. We’re bottle feeding to give her the best chance and she’s doing great. We’ve named her Sprout in a fit of festive fancy!


baby boer goats


Can’t wait to open up their pens and set them free to play with each other… although I think that’s when we’re really going to be have our hands full for Christmas! Baby Boer goats are bonkers.



For more pictures of the kids, have a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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